Making Comics Cool Again

Comics were once a primary source of entertainment in Sri Lanka. However, by the 90’s, the popularity of comics dwindled. Despite the lack of a proper industry, comics survived! There were a lot of underground indie creators trying their hand at comics, and Papadamn is one of them.

Over the last two years, we became successful in getting over 100,000 followers collectively on our social media, and have been growing since. We plan to use the knowledge and experience we gathered over this time to help upcoming local comic artists as well.

Sakkai Muniyai
Papadamn Comics

100% Original Content

All our comics are 100% original and 100% authentic. We have two long-running series: Sakkai Muniyai and This Fluffy Love, both of which became extremely popular. We also make gag comics and PSAs.

Papadamn Comics

Helping each other grow...

Being a comic artist in a country with no industry is tough. Our journey was not smooth sailing, and we always felt as if there were certain things we wish we knew. We want to smoothen this learning curve and help fellow artists out. This is why we have Papadamn Learn, a Facebook tutorial page and a blog, to share our knowledge.

Papadamn Comics


One big challenge faced by comic artists is getting reach and marketing their comics online. To solve this problem, we created Sri Lanka Comic Updates, a Facebook page which curates indie comics and gives shoutouts.

Papadamn Comics

Working Together

We believe in positive social movements. Our art style and brand is very well received within the Sri Lankan youth audiences and we have worked with a wide range of clients.

Papadamn Comics

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